Marta Capaccioli, Florence I (*1985)



Dancer, Performer



Born in Florence in 1985 she trained at Opus Ballet. She graduated at Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy in 2007 and got one year of training at Modem Zappalà Danza. She danced for Jerome Mayer and Isabelle Chaffaud, Aida Redza, Josè Navas, Neil Verdoorn, Nuda Veritas, Paolo Poli, Marina Giovannini, Tan Temel, Daniele Ninarello, Virgilio Sieni and Catherine Pantigny. From 2008 she has been working actively with Fabrizio Favale-Le Supplici. She is currently attending the Iyengar Yoga teacher training and she post-graduated in Art History in Bologna.


Sylvain Hemeryck, Rennes F (*1984)


Dancer , Teacher AÏKIRYU


He came from the martial arts and in particular from AÏKIRYU that he practiced for over 17 years , to the dance. He performed among others with " Cie L'Oiseau Rouge " the piece " Antre , Antre " and with Gyohei Zaitsu , 10 doigts Compagnie and DEAD Companie / Laina Fischbeck . He works in the " Collectif Body Works " in the play " Playground" and in "Fair of the ponts et voler "and his latest solo " Clos par nécessité " - an exploration of the poems of his father. Since 2012he is member of the Dance Company betweenlines .




Kathrin Knöpfle, Augsburg (*1988)


Dancer, performer, visual artist and photo model


She has performed, among others in "My Body, My Blood, My Landscape" Dali Touiti (2011 Muffathalle Munich), "Living Room dancer" concept: Nicole Seiler (Munich 2011), In the movement choir of the dance production "We had so like a group feeling" K2, (E-Werk 2012), "Histor [e] y" project management Donderer Anna & Anna Wiecozorek (2012 Munich ). Showed several solo performances like "ánimo" "EVOLUTION" (in co operation with Herbert Holzmann), "IMAGE", "spirit surrounds me," and "Rotspur". Took part in the February 2014 "Open Studios" Tanztendenz in Munich and dancing at Menage a Trois.


Markus Kunas, München(*1983)


Dancer, Performer, Kung_Fu teacher


He works since 2010 as a freelance dancer for international artists and choreographer like Stefan Dreher, Tino Sehgal, Xavier Le Roy/Mårten Spångberg, Thomas Hauert, Sabine Glenz, Ludger Lamers and  Monica Gomis. He was involved in Pieces from Simone Forti, Mike Kelley, Jérôme Bel and Steve Paxton and danced in productions that where performed in the RODEO festival, the TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA and on the DANCE festival in Munich. At the moment he studies dance therapy in Munich.


Melanie Fuhrer-Henschel, Wynigen CH/ Berlin D (*1978)


Dancer, Performer, Movementteacher


After her degree in movement pedagogue in Basel and intens dance training in Brussels, she studied at TIP - School for dance, improvisation and performance in Freiburg. She danced in productions with Simone Forti, Companie Degadezo, Bernd Niedecken, Laurent Gröflin and Ilona Meyer. Since 2005 she is freelance as Dancer and Teacher in Berlin. She is Company member since 2015.