Come on in, be welcome and make yourself comfortable.

We are opening the doors to the known and cozy self and dive into the longings of our heart - in the search of our home, our real home.

6 dancers are asking for an explanation of this continues failing to catch the feeling of being home - the feeling that is so hard to grasp with words. It appears in memories, dreams, in the now. The growing feeling is lost very quickly and being questioned. Saying good bye, restless searching - but now and then some moments of arriving: Home in the self.

A homage to the continues changes in life, connected with the hope for constancy. A fine listening into the home of our self. A yes for the moment and the after.


Choreographie / Künstlerische Leitung: Anja Gysin

Komposition / Musik: Samuel Blatter

Dramaturgie: Marion Rothhaar

TänzerInnen: Mileen Borgonjon, David Hernandez, Sylvain Hemeryck, Rahel Maria Neuenschwander, David Speiser, Karolin Stächele

Vergangene Vorstellungen:

Sa 23. November 2013 - 19h Rythalle Solothurn

Di 26. November 2013 - 19h Rythalle Solothurn

Sa 30. November 2013 - 19h Stadttheater Biel

So 1. Dezember 2013 - 19h Stadttheater Biel