The blue hour

June 2017

A dance installation under the open sky
It's about the time of twilight after sunset, when it slowly darkens and finally becomes all night - through the golden hour to the so-called "blue hour". The term was coined in particular by writers and poets, who often associate it with melancholy feelings. For example Wolfgang Koeppen in "Pigeons in the grass" :
"Philipp loved the hour. (...) die heure bleue, the hour of dreaming,
 a span of relative freedom, the moment of freedom from day and night."


The day comes to an end and the night begins - an exciting moment: transition, farewell, moving on and gliding over. This special atmosphere and the associated strong colours of the blue hour have always had a great attraction and fascination for me. The echo of the sunset I feel as an elusive, fleeting time and at the same time as a short span in which many things seem possible: visions, change, the echo of the day, farewell to the old, the arrival of the night. Diving into the now, into the moment of the blue hour, into the colour, power and vastness that this moment opens up for us on this and every new day. A moment of conscious enjoyment and devotion to the Now and to this blue. Gottfried Benn described this wonderfully in his famous poem "The Blue Hour":
„ ... You are so soft, you give information about something,
by a fortune of sinking and danger
 in a blue, dark blue hour
and when she left, nobody knows if she was."
Gottfried Benn

Vorschau Die Blaue Stunde
Ausgabe 'Solothurner Zeitung', 29.05.201
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