Bon Voyage!

We humans are constantly on the go - to work, to train, to eat, to yoga, in the car to go shopping; Movement makes up a large part of our lives. The path from A to B - the gap between origin and the destination interests us. On a small scale, but also and especially in the large, the traveling. After the departure and before landing, after the break-up and before the arrival - the state of being on the road. The vacuum in between. The adventure of the new - and the strange. What is so attractive from breaking and loosening? The search for the new. Traveling itself!


Abroad we are more than ever aware of our character and affiliation. The usual structures are not as tight and new impressions may let us experience ourselves a little different. What remains rather hidden in everyday life is now coming to the surface - inside and outside. A Romanian poem describes this phenomenon like this: " Abroad you have a hundred eyes, at home you're blind. “ We are influenced by the landscape that surrounds us: sea, mountains, desert, rainforest, big city - it may be endless expanse or opulence to total barrenness. From the absolute silence to the big city hustle and bustle of New York City. We are interested in this influence of the unfamiliar which challenges us and pushes every boundary - in different environments and situations. The new that we encounter, after the rise and before the arriving.

Choreography / Director: Anja Gysin

Compsition / Music: Samuel Blatter

Dramaturgy: Marion Rothhaar

Dance: Mileen Borgonjon, Marta Capaccioli, Sylvain Hemeryck, Kathrin Knöpfle, Markus Kunas


16 Traveling with: Ursula Affolter, Anja Bänninger, Gertrud Blatter, Rafael Blatter, Ines Bürge, Janine Caviezel, Margrit Fawer, Esther Fuhrer, Nikki Gysin, Simone Hager, Ilona Siwek, Luz-Maria Magnin, Michèle Péquegnal, Sabine Pfluger, Anne Racine, Eliane Troxler


Past Performances:

Fr 7. November 2014 - 19:30h Rythalle Solothurn

Su 16. November 2014 - 19h Rythalle Solothurn

Fr 17. April 2015 - 20h Tanzram Herisau

Su 19. April 2015 - 19:30h Schützi Olten